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Sweden , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Sweden » Blekinge: 300-year-old shipwreck tells the story of a bloody war between Sweden and its neighbours

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 February 2017

Marine archaeologists in Sweden have found the wreckage of an 300-year-old warship on the seabed, close to the naval port of Karlskrona. The vessel, known as the Blekinge, is thought to have roamed the sea in the late 17 th century and to have been used in ...

News Sweden » Blekinge: Europe grows offshore wind capacity

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Publication date: uesday 06 February 2018

The government of Sweden has rejected an offshore wind farm that would have featured up to 700 turbines and a total capacity of about 2.5 gigawatts, according to Blekinge Offshore. The government said that the project would have interfered with military ...

News Sweden » Blekinge: Skanska : builds a new hospital building in Karlskrona, Sweden, for about SEK 330M

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Publication date: Sunday 14 January 2018

Skanska has signed a contract with Blekinge County Council to build a new building at Blekinge Hospital, Karlskrona, Sweden. The contract is worth about SEK 330M, which will be included in the Nordic order bookings for the first quarter of 2018.

News Sweden » Blekinge: Sweden beckons Indian students

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Publication date: Sunday 16 July 2017

Director (India Initiatives), Blekinge Institute of Technology (Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola – BTH), Sweden. In an interview to The Hindu, he explained how the Indian student community can look into the greener pastures of Sweden and benefit from the ...

News Sweden » Blekinge: Ancient sunken warship found in southern Sweden: report

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 February 2017

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- A naval ship has been found in southern Sweden some 400 years after it went missing, Swedish Television reported on Wednesday. The Blekinge naval ship was the first to set sail from the Karlskrona naval base in southern Sweden ...

News Sweden » Blekinge: Swedish Man’s Penis Amputated after 5 Month Wait for Hospital Appointment

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Publication date: uesday 28 December 2010

The man, who is in his sixties, first visited a local clinic in Blekinge in southern Sweden in September 2009 for treatment of a urinary tract infection, the local Blekinge Läns Tidning (BLT) reported. When he returned in March 2010 complaining of ...

News Sweden » Blekinge: Cameroon: Douala University Twins with Swedish University

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Publication date: hursday 15 May 2008

The accord was signed between the university and an institute in Sweden. The University of Douala has signed a cooperation accord with the Blekinge Institute of technology in Sweden. The twinning took place in the University of Douala between the Rector of ...