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Sweden , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Sweden » Dalsland: Sweden: Away with the fairies in Dalsland

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Publication date: Friday 15 August 2003

Among Sweden's lakes, where mists are dancing elves, Gavin Bell stays with Hansel and Gretel and takes a bizarre trolley ride Hansel and Gretel are alive and well and living under assumed names in an old farmhouse by a magic lake, a couple of hours' drive ...

News Sweden » Dalsland: Sweden: All's quiet in the not so wild west

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Publication date: hursday 16 August 2012

I was seeking a more basic experience, and the premise of a "tepee adventure" in West Sweden's Dalsland region had me reaching for my sleeping bag. The description was certainly inviting. "Camp in a traditional tepee beside a lake and revel in the sense of ...

News Sweden » Dalsland: How to embrace 'transformative travel' in 2018

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Publication date: uesday 16 January 2018

Situated in Sweden’s beautiful lake country, Dalsland, glass cabins sit surrounded by nothing but countryside. A different kind of off-the-grid experience, on arrival, guests are served ‘fika’ - coffee, tea and cakes - and then provided with an ...

News Sweden » Dalsland: Columbus State art professor traveling to Sweden for fellowship

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Publication date: Saturday 13 December 2014

In 2010, Michael McFalls visited the Dalsland region of Sweden at the invitation of a former Columbus State University ceramics professor. As a sculptor, McFalls became fascinated with an iron steel fabrication studio called Steneby, which is part of the ...

News Sweden » Dalsland: Permission to calm down

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Publication date: hursday 09 November 2017

who runs Sportfishing Dalsland in nearby Ostersbyn. The cabins are on Lake Animmen. Picture: Jonas Ingman I have been asking him about running an IT company in The Netherlands, an existence he gave up to move to Sweden, to help people to fish. He is trying ...

News Sweden » Dalsland: Best fitness holidays: From boot camps in Devon to detoxing in the Yorkshire Dales

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Publication date: Saturday 06 February 2010

Test yourself to the extreme in Sweden's Dalsland Canoe Marathon. The 35-mile route slices along rivers and lakes towards a crayfish party at the finishing line. Top-level kayakers complete the scenic August race in four-andahalf hours; slowcoaches take 12.

News Sweden » Dalsland: Storm Helga weather warning for Sweden

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Publication date: Wednesday 02 December 2015

Just days after Storm Gorm wreaked havoc in southern Sweden, a new storm, 'Helga', is moving in from the North Sea and Kattegatt and will reach West Götaland, Bohuslän, North Halland and Dalsland early Friday. SMHI has issued a class 2 warning for wind ...

News Sweden » Dalsland: Swanson, Martha Wilhelmina

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Publication date: Wednesday 06 November 2002

Martha Wilhelmina Swanson, nee Persson, 98, native of Dalsland, Sweden, beloved wife of the late Sven; loving mother of Donald G. (Sandi) Swanson, Margit C. (Ted) Thompson and Viola S. (Tom) Wiebe; cherished grandmother of Brianna (Sean) Hudson ...

News Sweden » Dalsland: The Danish auteur was banned from the festival for a Hitler joke he made in 2011.

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Publication date: hursday 09 March 2017

READ MORE: Lars von Trier Wants You to Know ‘The House That Jack Built’ Will Be His Most Brutal Film Ever At a press conference in Dalsland, Sweden, co-producer Louise Vesth alluded to the vaunted French festival, saying “I have talked to the people ...