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Sweden , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Sweden » Hinterland: Migrant crisis: inside Sweden's first tent city

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Publication date: Saturday 12 December 2015

Dheyaa Al-Ogaili is wearily amused to discover that he and the 11 others sharing his tent are the first asylum seekers to be housed in a refugee camp in Sweden since the Bosnian War in 1992. “We are very unlucky,” says the 38-year-old former Baghdadi ...

News Sweden » Hinterland: Tropical Detective: A Hari Majestic Mystery review: unique combo of noir and juvenile humour

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

Without giving away too much, Hari sets himself the goal of recovering an idol from a temple out in the hinterland, and also jewellery scammed ... (This is a younger Barsk, from a time before India colonised Sweden.) It would not be a spoiler to say ...

News Sweden » Hinterland: Hinterland, BBC4 - TV review: Welcome piece of Welsh noir is set to make a killing

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Publication date: onday 28 April 2014

Running scared: Richard Harrington as DCI Tom Mathias in 'Hinterland' I can't help feeling sorry for ... I loved the sound of Danish in The Killing and Swedish in Wallander and even Flemish in Salamander. And it's refreshing for someone who regrettably ...

News Sweden » Hinterland: The Allegations Against Assange: Views from Sweden

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Publication date: Wednesday 29 August 2012

For the residents and commentariat of Stockholm — as natural a Wikileaks hinterland as anywhere in the world — that means making sure Assange comes back to Sweden to be questioned by prosecutors about his alleged offenses. Assange has publicly said ...

News Sweden » Hinterland: Large Explosion Reported at Swedish School

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Publication date: onday 01 February 2016

The school is located in Karlstad, a small city in Sweden’s rural hinterland, West of Stockholm. #RT #Follow Update: Explosion reported at a school gymnasium in central Karlstad, Sweden;…

News Sweden » Hinterland: 'Hinterland put Wales on a par with Nordic noir, now we need to get on our bikes and do as the Danish do'

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Publication date: Sunday 06 July 2014

Wales is, of course, now making its own mark in the ‘noir’ crime drama boom with the success of Hinterland. And that makes me wonder if there are other ways in which we should be trying to emulate Denmark and Sweden. The one staring me in the face in ...

News Sweden » Hinterland: Global fruit sector mapped

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Publication date: Saturday 10 February 2018

Belgium, France, Spain and Italy are below this level, while the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden have a larger organic market ... to be a role in buying fruit for the European hinterland due to the ports. However, the growth of these will ...

News Sweden » Hinterland: After The Bridge and Borgen BBC4 will show three new dramas set in Sweden, Denmark and Israel

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Publication date: Wednesday 11 December 2013

A new Belgian conspiracy thriller named Salamander will also air soon on BBC4, as will season three of Swedish murder series Wallander. Meanwhile, two British dramas including Hinterland, about a policeman living a double life in Aberystwyth, Wales ...

News Sweden » Hinterland: Hungary builds border wall to keep out Muslim migrants, faces potential expulsion from EU

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Publication date: onday 05 October 2015

While politically correct governments in countries like Germany and Sweden (see below) ignore the negative consequences ... The Berlin Wall, by comparison, was 96 miles long. This hinterland between Hungary and the Balkans was once the main entry point ...

News Sweden » Hinterland: BBC’s noirish cop series Hinterland reflects its gothic Welsh setting

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Publication date: uesday 16 September 2014

PICK OF THE WEEK: Hinterland, BBC First, 8.30pm ... The producers must have hoped the series would do for this gothic part of Wales what Wallander did for Sweden and The Killing for Copenhagen. Certainly the melancholic landscape is a character in its ...