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Sweden , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Sweden » Medelpad: Plogging: the fitness trend with a social conscience

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Publication date: onday 05 February 2018

In Medelpad, in northern Sweden, one pack of ploggers proudly collected several bags' worth of litter after an hour of run-rummaging; further south, in Stockholm, a proponent posted the spoils of her work - a discarded disposable barbecue, a couple of beer ...

News Sweden » Medelpad: Save the planet while toning up - have you tried plogging?

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Publication date: hursday 01 February 2018

plogging is as of the moment as trends come, with advocates urging their followers to “save our oceans, our Earth - one plastic bag at a time!”. In Medelpad, northern Sweden, one pack of ploggers proudly collected several bags’...

News Sweden » Medelpad: mary gurney

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Publication date: Sunday 08 October 2017

Proud... Mary Gurney was born in the family home, in the Ballard District of Seattle, on June 4, 1919. She joined a 13 month old sister, Elva. Her parents, Harry and Freda Bergman, were immigrants from the Medelpad Province of Sweden. They were married in...

News Sweden » Medelpad: Northern Lights may be responsible for record deaths of sperm whales, study says

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Publication date: Wednesday 06 September 2017

Researchers believe they have figured out why, in early 2016, 29 apparently healthy sperm whales became stranded on the beaches and in the shallow waters of the North Sea. Solar storms may be responsible for mass strandings of sperm whales, according to a ...

News Sweden » Medelpad: Meet Lars Lagerbäck

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Publication date: Saturday 02 July 2016

Sweden’s success in the 1958 World Cup tournament ... Somewhere in the bowels of the Amsterdam Arena, there was Lars Lagerbäck from Medelpad, calm but happy. Lagerbäck certainly looks calm most of the time, but Heimir Hallgrímsson says, “He looks ...

News Sweden » Medelpad: Amazing vintage travel posters uncovered in an attic show the days when HOW you got to your holiday destination was what really mattered

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Publication date: uesday 23 February 2016

Australians are encouraged to travel with Pioneer Coaches for 'highway holidays' while a snowy mountain scene advertises the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand, Medelpad in north of Sweden, Carisbrooke Castle on Britain's Isle of Wight and various ...

News Sweden » Medelpad: Spring weather follows chilly Easter weekend

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Publication date: Sunday 05 April 2015

And in the north, the wintry weather remains, with snow predicted for Monday morning along the coastline of the Norbotten region all the way down to Medelpad. The Swedish Transport Administration also warned motorists to practice caution on the roads.

News Sweden » Medelpad: Kjellgren Kaminsky’s ‘Clear Cut’ Helps Us Envision the Life Cycle of Forested Trees

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 September 2011

Lush, green and seemingly eternal, much of Sweden’s forests are far from that ... Joakim Kaminsky and Maria Poll decided to go deep into the forest of Medelpad to create an installation that would help us to envision the trees of the past, present ...

News Sweden » Medelpad: The Chronicles of Stanley: European vacations and silly Osgood

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Publication date: onday 11 August 2008

For the record, Medelpad is "a historical province or landskap in the north of Sweden." Or part of a kick-ass drum kit. One of the two. Here's video of Zetter's dramatic entrance into Eon Arena in Timra with the Cup. Sadly, no appearance by the Zetterberg ...

News Sweden » Medelpad: Crusader Kings Chronicles: Lords of the North, Chapter 3

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Publication date: Wednesday 26 June 2013

I have now named myself true King of Norway, putting me at a rank equal to Björn of Sweden and Sigurð of Denmark. Many new lords have sworn fealty to me peacefully, as I am now seen as their rightful liege: Iceland, Shetland, Vermaland, Medelpad ...