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Sweden , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Sweden » Security: Sweden says it could be part of U.N. peacekeeping in Ukraine

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

then we are open to that,” Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist told Ukrainian and U.S. officials at the Munich Security Conference when asked about providing troops. “We are not there yet, but it is something positive.” As a non-NATO country ...

News Sweden » Security: WATCH: Egyptian singer Sherine kicks security guard for blocking fan in Sweden

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Publication date: Saturday 10 February 2018

Famous Egyptian singer, Sherine Abdelwahab, kicked a security guard on stage during her concert with fellow Egyptian singer, Tamer Hosny, in Sweden for trying to block a fan from taking a picture with her. One of the audience members caught the moment in a ...

News Sweden » Security: Swedish govt proposes network security law to enforce NIS

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

The Swedish government is executing the EU's NIS directive by proposing a law expected to enter force on 01 August 2018 concerning Information Security for Critical and Digital Services. The aim is to ensure the continuity of providing medical services ...

News Sweden » Security: New UN draft on Syria ceasefire might get Russia's backing

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

Sweden and Kuwait on Thursday presented a revised draft UN Security Council resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire in Syria that diplomats said could win backing from Russia. That would allow the Syrian government offensive to continue against Al-Qaeda ...

News Sweden » Security: China Confirms Swedish Citizen and HK Bookseller in Detention

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 February 2018

BEIJING (Reuters) – China confirmed on Tuesday that it had detained Swedish citizen and Hong Kong-based bookseller Gui Minhai, after his daughter said Chinese police had seized him from a train last month. Gui was abducted in Thailand while on holiday in ...

News Sweden » Security: The MSM Faces the Truth About Sweden

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Publication date: Friday 26 January 2018

“We’ve got to keep our country safe,” he told the crowd. “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems ...

News Sweden » Security: Swedish security chief warning on fake news

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Publication date: hursday 04 January 2018

The head of Sweden's security service has told the BBC the agency is not just dealing with an increased threat of terrorism but also the impact of disinformation and fake news. Anders Thornberg, the director of the service (known as Sapo), says this year ...

News Sweden » Security: What Happened in Sweden: Security Chief Says Terror Threat Is ‘New Normal’

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Publication date: Friday 05 January 2018

The Director-General of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) has confessed that terrorism is now the “new normal” in his country. Anders Thornberg told the BBC that, while the Scandinavian country only had to monitor around 200 extremists a few years ...